XDR Radiology Releases XDR v3.2.16

(Los Angeles, Calif.) XDR Radiology (http://XDRradiology.com) is pleased to announce a new software update to their popular XDR Dental Radiography System.  XDR Radiology is constantly updating our XDR Imaging Software to bring the newest enhancements and technology to our customers experience.

The release of XDR version 3.2.16 is a continuation of our commitment to imaging superiority and innovation. We have updated our Imaging System to provide you Clearly Better diagnostic images, even when your exposure is not optimal.

As always, XDR’s software updates are FREE of charge for customers on an active XDR Software Support plan.
If you are on an active Software Support Plan, schedule your update at XDR Software Scheduling . It’s just that easy.

If you are NOT covered under our Software Support plan, or you are uncertain, please contact the XDR Team at (888) 937-9729 or you can enroll in our Software Support coverage today at XDR Support Sign-Up .

We are proud to announce features and advancements in 3.2.16 

Version 3.2.16 (July 17th, 2020)

  • Improved image algorithms to ensure ideal diagnostic quality under less than ideal exposure
  • Improved handling of Axium security group changes
  • Improved handling of saving edited exams with Approver Mode activated.
  • Added ability to import *.tiff image files
  • Improved notes function to ensure retention of data when copying images
  • Improved image recovery to ensure images from being accidentally deleted
  • Changed CAL file missing message to appear only once per exam when CAL file unavailable
  • Improved aesthetic appearance of Exposure Meter
  • Improved EULA message approval screen for better functionality
  • Improved handling of large image files
  • Updated default image treatment settings for new installations

Please check out our complete list of changes incorporated with XDR Program Change Highlights 3.2.16