XDR Radiology Releases XDR Software version 3.2.17

  • (Los Angeles, Calif.) XDR Radiology (http://XDRradiology.com) is pleased to announce a new software update to their popular XDR Dental Radiography Software released May 3, 2023.  

(May 3, 2023) The release of XDR version 3.2.17 is a continuation of our commitment to imaging excellence and software innovation. We have updated our software to provide you a Clearly Better imaging experience.

XDR software updates are Free to users covered under an active XDR Software support plan. If you are not covered under a Software Support plan, or you are uncertain, please contact the XDR Customer Service Team at (888) 937-9729. You can also easily sign up for software support now at XDR SUPPORT PLANS. Contact us to schedule your software update.

We are proud to announce features and advancements in XDR 3.2.17  (MAY 3, 2023)

  • XDR 3.2.17 provides users with Improved raw image quality.
  • Integration of our newest generation XDR CLARITY™ sensor.
  • Addition of X-Ray Assurance graphic display for images acquired with the XDR CLARITY™ sensor. This feature, which depicts the x-ray output versus time used on your x-ray generator, provides visual conf1rmation that your x-ray unit is exposing as desired.
  • Based on user feedback, our development team streamlined the process for adding additional images to existing exams.
  • We added the ability for side-by-side comparison of enlarged intraoral camera (IOC) photos.
  • Enhancements in 3.2.17 allow movement and rotation of Air Techniques ScanX Phosphor Plate (PSP)
    scanner Images prior to saving them in a new exam.
  • Improved the quality of images captured with excessive edentulous areas, excessive interdental areas, or large cone cuts.
  • Improved sharpening treatments. Two new algorithms are now available for each sharpen treatment: Contrast Boost and Median Filtering.