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Clearest Images at Lowest Exposure

XDR Dental Imaging

Top Tier Imaging

Patented Ergonomics

Patented Ergonomics

Fully Compatible XDR Clarity

Fully Compatible

XDR Easy To Use Software

Easy to Use Software

Our Products

#5 Senor front and back copy

XDR’s Intraoral Radiographic Sensor is top tier in every aspect – not just one or two. Whether it’s resolution, durability, comfort or cleaning, our patented Sensor is as good as any, and better than most. It’s compatible with most systems, and supported by our uniquely clinical and technical staffs.

New XDR Imaging Software

Not all software is the same. XDR Imaging Software delivers top tier imaging and unique diagnostic power. Developed by our own dentists and engineers, it’s dramatically easier to use, while supporting dentists and auxiliaries in exposure levels, image analysis, and treatment planning.

Committed to 100% Customer Satisfaction

Easy to Use

XDR’s software is designed with you in mind. Our context sensitive approach ensures that you are presented easy to understand buttons when you need them. No confusing menus or complex navigation! Using your XDR CLARITY sensor has never been easier. Plug it in, place it, and clean it with ease – all while enjoying the highest performance.

Total Support

With over 98% of support calls being resolved within 24 hours, you can rest assured that we will be there when you need us. Our Dentists, RDA’s, and IT Technicians are here to help you get the most out of your XDR System, and maximizing the time you are treating patients. We know how important it is to have a reliable system that works for you.

Industry Leading Warranty

Our industry-leading 4-year Zero-Deductible Warranty ensures that your XDR CLARITY Sensors are covered for any manufacturer defects or malfunctions, with no annual renewal fee. For added protection, our available 8-year protection plan provides you with the added protection of a new replacement sensor for a fixed reduced price.

Advanced Functionality with XDR Dental Imaging

#7A Exposure level

Exposure Feedback on Every Radiograph

By providing immediate feedback on exposure level, XDR software helps assistants provide the doctor with the best quality images, and helps them self-train on exposure technique.


Patented Maximized Mesial Imaging Area

XDR returns digital radiography to the film standard of 2 mm dead space. Our Patent US9357972B solution provides the best mesial imaging area in the industry, easing capture of the canine/premolar contact.

Patented Elongation Correction

Patented Elongation Correction

XDR’s unwarp technology can correct for projective distortion, resulting in a more realistic view of anatomic features. Take accurate measurements of both distances and angles, and apply virtual implant overlays as part of treatment planning.

Imaging Software Assurance

Monitoring Your X-ray Unit

Ever wonder what exposure time was used on a radiograph, or question if your X-ray unit is performing as it should? XDR X-Ray Assurance™ (patent pending) provides you real-time exposure feedback by displaying both the duration and Intensity of exposure received by your XDR CLARITY™ sensor capturing in XDR Imaging Software.