XDR Radiology Releases XDR v3.2.12 with Updated Look

(Los Angeles, Calif.) XDR Radiology (http://XDRradiology.com) is pleased to announce a new software update to their popular XDR Dental Radiography System.  XDR Radiology is always pouring through the software to bring the newest enhancements to our customers experience of XDR.

The release of XDR version 3.2.12 is certainly a continuation of our commitment to excellence. One of the changes included with the release of 3.2.12 that will be noticed right away by long-time users of the XDR Dental Radiography platform; is the user interface getting an updated look. The “chrome style” appearance of menus and buttons that users have been used to are being replaced by the new “blue style”, giving XDR a modern refresh.

Previous “Chrome Style”                            New “Blue Style”

Aren’t they BLUEtiful? All new installs of XDR Software will get the new blue style. Existing users will have a choice of updating or leaving their buttons the same.  When calling to schedule your software update, please let the Support Team know if you would like to update to the new style of buttons.

Our new button look is not the only update so please check out our complete list of changes incorporated with XDR v3.2.12, including the addition of VirtuCap technology.

As always, XDR’s software updates are free of charge for customers on an active XDR Software Support plan. To schedule your software update, and/or to renew your Software Support plan, please contact the XDR Team at (888) 937-9729.