Dr. Chen visits Seventh-Day Adventist Guam Clinic

Last month, XDR’s own Dr. Adam Chen visited the Seventh-Day Adventist Clinic in Tamuning, Guam.  Dr. Chen’s purpose was to facilitate the transition of the dental clinic from film to digital radiographs. The training lasted for two days to accommodate the large staff.

Dr. Chen emphasizes the change from film to digital is more complicated than it may seem.  Film fits into small crevices and is flexible, whereas sensors have a rigid body. Relearning to take x-ray images with sensors was a challenging transition for some of the staff, some staff members mentioned they felt they were learning a new skill.  Acquiring a good parallel technique takes practice to ensure you get the best image without your patient experiencing any pain or gagging during the procedure. Dr. Chen went through each position with the staff to show them easy techniques and tricks to acquire the perfect image. The staff practiced on each other, which also made the experience more fun.

The staff in the clinic were relieved to have Dr. Chen available for an on-site training, mentioning it would have been much more difficult to preform remotely! Take it from the staff at Seventh-Day Adventist Guam Clinic, if you are transitioning from film to digital, request on-site training to make it easier for you and your staff.

For more information about the Seventh-Day Adventist Clinic in Tamuning, Guam please go to their website.