Heart for Africa – Project Canaan Donation

This month XDR donated a double sensor system to Heart for Africa’s Project Canaan Medical/Dental Facility. The Heart for Africa operates in Swaziland, Africa; a small country in southern Africa about the size of New Jersey. Swaziland has the highest HIV+ rate in the world, contributing to a large population of orphaned children. Heart for Africa received a million-dollar donation in 2008 allowing them to purchase a large area of land and Project Canaan was established. Project Canaan is dedicated the orphans in Swaziland; they endeavor to shelter, bathe, clothe, feed and teach, the children until they are 18 when they can go out and hopefully have a positive impact in their country.

Dr. Stuart E. Coe of Roswell, Georgia, first visited Swaziland in 2008. He was enamored by the Swazi people, mainly due to the fact that they had so little yet could still manage to exhibit much joy. Since 2008, Dr. Coe has stayed involved with Heart for Africa and has been asked to be the chairman of the Canaan Medical/Dental Advisory Council. This new opportunity was so humbling to Dr. Coe, he has worked very hard to establish a working medical/dental facility that will eventually serve the children of Project Canaan and the surrounding community at no charge.

Dr. Coe - Heart for Africa 3

Once XDR heard of what a great cause Heart for Africa’s Project Canaan was, we were happy to donate a double sensor system upon Dr. Coe’s request. We felt it was the least we could do for the children and Dr. Coe’s hard work to establish the medical/dental facility. Dr. Coe’s next visit to Swaziland is scheduled for August, when he hopes to start taking dental x-rays for all of the children and the full-time staff at Project Canaan. We will keep you updated with Dr. Coe’s work. If you are interested in more information about the Heart for Africa, please click here.