XDR Radiology Releases XDR v3.2.11

(Los Angeles, Calif.) XDR Radiology announces a new software update to their popular Dental Radiography System. XDR Radiology strives to provide the latest in image enhancements allowing dental practices using the XDR System to enjoy cutting-edge imaging for their diagnostic needs.

After many months of development, XDR has released XDR Version 3.2.11, building once again on their critically acclaimed imaging software.

“The cornerstone of XDR’s success is the relationships we build with our customers,” says Dr. Douglas Yoon, President and CTO of XDR Radiology.

In so doing, XDR is pleased to introduce Custom Sharpening in addition to the powerful list of tools offered in the newly released XDR v3.2.11.

“Doctors know what works best for them, now they’ll have a piece of software that knows it, too,” explains Joel Karafin, COO of XDR Radiology.

With the introduction of Custom Sharpening, clinicians will be able to tailor XDR’s industry leading imaging algorithms to fit their individual needs. With this feature a dentist can choose up to 3 custom defined image treatments to apply to their radiographs. Previous fixed sharpening levels introduced in XDR v3.2.10 and earlier have been updated with the latest advancements in sharpening science.

As always, XDR’s software updates are free of charge for customers on an active XDR Software Support plan. To schedule your software update, and/or to renew your Software Support plan please contact the XDR Support Team at 888-937-9729. For a complete list of changes included in XDR v3.2.11, please click here.