Switching your Practice Management System?

XDR Imaging Software, Sensors, Support

Considering switching from Eaglesoft to Open Dental or any PMS? You will need a new Imaging System and Partner. XDR offers a complete imaging solution for your practice, in addition to Conversions of your existing images – there are few companies that can do that, and no one can do it better than XDR!

Give us a call 888-937-9729, or submit the contact form. Ask our Product Specialist for a free, full-featured trial of XDR Imaging Software to Try Out.

Looking for fairly priced top-tier sensors to run in Eaglesoft, we can do that too with our XDR Anatomic Sensors.

  • XDR Imaging Software 100% Seamless Bridging Integration with any PMS
  • Multi-Point Verification Imaging Conversions
  • Intuitive Imaging Software with a User-Friendly Interface
  • Powerful Imaging Treatments, Tools and Filters at your Fingertips
  • Quality Support and Service
  • Robust Remote Training by Clinical Professionals
  • Top-Tier Sensors Affordably Priced

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Why are Users Switching to XDR?
Easy to use
Great Support
Transparent Pricing – no nickel-and-diming
Strong Community of Users who communicate and share tips and tricks