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Don’t want your images floating up in someone else’s cloud?
Pay for Your software ONCE and OWN it for a lifetime.
XDR provides you a secure, open imaging solution and will Convert your existing X-rays – there are few companies that can do that, and no one can do it better than XDR!

  • Ask our Product Specialist for a full-featured trial of XDR Imaging
  • XDR Imaging Software 100% Seamless Bridging Integration with any PMS
  • XDR works with virtually any sensor you have
  • Multi-Point Verification Imaging Conversions
  • Intuitive Imaging Software with a User-Friendly Interface
  • Quality Support, Service and Training
  • Top-Tier patented Sensors Affordably Priced

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Easy to use
You own your software and your imagines
Great Support
Transparent Pricing – no nickel-and-diming
Strong Community of Users who communicate and share tips and tricks