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Unmatched coverage and clarity. Unparalleled service and support.

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Imaging Through Science

  • See the subtlest of lesions.
  • Achieve the ideal exposure.
  • Choose clinically relevant image treatments.

Patented Ergonomics

  • Capture the canine/premolar contact.
  • See the white face during placement.
  • Use the comfort of beveled corners to get the shot you want.

Top Tier Imaging

  • See the tip of your #6 file.
  • Diagnose from sharp radiographs.
  • Correct for projective distortion.

100% customer satisfaction commitment.

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Easy to Use.

The software is context sensitive, offering the large, easy to understand buttons you need - when you need them. Intuitive navigation, with no menus! The sensor is easy to plug in, easy to place, and easy to clean.

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Total Support.

98.2% of support calls are resolving within 24 hours - by Dentists, RDH's, RDA's, and IT engineers. Training via telephone or on site. Questions answered, re-installations implemented, radiographic consultations offered, all part of unlimited support.

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Industry Leading Warranty.

The 2-Year Sensory Warranty is included, with a 2-day turnaround, included shipping, and no annual fee. And when accidents happen, the available 5-year protection plan provides an overnight loaner and a low-cost replacement.

Your Environment. Our Software.

  • Full Integration
    Your computer, sensor, intraoral camera, practice management, server & network
  • Easy Installation
  • Technical Cooperation
  • Clinical Tuning

Your software. Our sensor.

Integrates with your imaging system, providing top tier images via direct integration, TWAIN, or XDR's unique Citrix-ready API. Within advanced imaging systems, XDR displays an exposure meter with each capture.

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Advanced Functionality

Exposure Feedback on Every Radiograph

By providing immediate feedback on exposure level, the software helps assistants provide the doctor with the best quality images, and helps them self-train on exposure technique.

Patented Maximized Mesial Imaging Area

XDR returns digital radiography to the film standard of 2mm dead space. So our Patent US9357972B solution provides the best mesial imaging area in the industry, easing capture of the canine/premolar contact.

Patented Elongation Correction

XDR's Unwarp technology can correct for projective distortion, resulting in a more realistic view of anatomic features. Take accurate measurements of both distances and angles, and apply virtual implant overlays as part of treatment planning.


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