XDR Employee Appreciation Week

This week XDR made a special effort to show our excellent employees just how great we think they are and how much we appreciate their efforts.  We have an excellent staff who work hard to support our customers, put in 100% every day while maintaining a congenial and friendly atmosphere within the company. Each day, the employees were surprised with a treat, lunch or special gift for maintaining their outstanding work ethic.  We have four pillars to our service that our employees live by and strive to maintain at XDR, they are:

First, we find it is very important to be Nice, that is to treat everyone we interact with respect and professionalism. Whether it is our customer on the phone, our landlord or the parcel delivery person, every XDR employee is a representative of the company and must be nice to everyone they encounter.

Being Truthful is our second pillar of service; it is important to not only be nice but to be honest. At XDR we are truthful with all our customers regarding any questions they may have. Our Sales staff listens to each customer inquiry regarding their specific practice needs and the XDR Sales representative will be truthful if they believe XDR is not the right equipment or system for that particular customer’s needs. It is important to us that our clients or potential clients understand all aspects of our products before making a serious commitment to a encourage them to research what is available on the market.

The final two pillars of XDR’s service require expertise in the Clinical and Technical realms. Both our Clinical and Technical departments have years of experience in their particular field. Every one of our Clinical staff members have worked in dental offices as a registered dental assistant, Hygienist or Dentist. It is very important to XDR to offer real world experience to our customers; therefore, we will not hire any clinician without field experience. When our customers call in with a comment or clinical issue, we want them to rest assured they are speaking to someone who knows their way around an operatory.

As for our Technical staff, again we will not hire anyone who does not have years of experience as a fully qualified information technology professional. This supportive Technical staff are well trained in all areas of technical support.  Digging even further into our Technical staff is our software development team, whom are comprised of computer scientist and mathematicians. Each one has broad computer programming knowledge with their own deep specialization.

At XDR, it is important we implement these four pillars of service to our customers and each other every day. We always want the customer to be happy that they called in and 98.2% of support calls are resolved within 24 hours.