XDR Giving at the Koolauloa Health Centers

Last year at the 2016 Hawaii Dental Convention, XDR’s Dr. Chen met Dr. Don Sand, the Clinical Director of the Koolauloa Health Centers and his staff. The Koolauloa Health Centers offer comprehensive dental, medical, behavioral health and pharmacy services to the under served patient population on the North Shore of Oahu. The center has three sites where they see patients; Kahuku, Hau’ula, and a location within the nearby high school. These are the only dental clinics serving the nearby sixty miles (of shoreline). Dr. Sand was impressed by the XDR demonstration and knew this was the imaging system the health centers needed to provide better, more diagnostic images.

Once Dr. Chen learned the health centers had limited funding, XDR worked with Dr. Sand and the State of Hawaii to get the health centers equipment updated. XDR’s special pricing for non-profit organizations made it possible to provide new XDR imaging software, XDR sensors and support. Dr. Chen provided free on-site training with the Koolauloa Health Centers Dental Staff.

Prior to the 2017 Hawaii Dental Convention, Dr. Chen made a follow up visit at the Koolauloa Health Center to see Dr. Sand and the staff; who report XDR is working great! The dental staff are achieving remarkable patient acceptance due to the comfort of the patented XDR Anatomic Sensor, helping them serve the people of this beautiful coastal community one diagnostic image at a time.

The next item on the Koolauloa’s wish list is to make their mobile clinic operational to provide dental screening and treatment at other schools across the island. XDR has continued to support the Koolauloa Health Centers but if you would like to donate, please contact them directly.