XDR Radiology Legacy Software Makes Way For a New Image

(Los Angeles, Calif.) XDR Radiology (http://XDRradiology.com) recently announced their latest software update to their popular XDR Dental Radiography System.  XDR Radiology strives to bring the newest enhancements to their customers. The release of XDR version 3.2.14 is a continuation of XDR’s commitment to excellence.

Please check out the complete list of changes incorporated with XDR v3.2.14

To continue their imaging excellence and prepare for the newest technologies, XDR will initiate a discontinuation of support for their oldest legacy imaging software.  Users of the oldest legacy versions of software will receive emails and mail notifications from XDR. Users will have 90 days from the time they receive the notification to schedule their updates, but why wait?  Users covered under the XDR Software Support Plan will be updated free of charge.

As with any technology, using aging legacy systems is not recommended and could leave you vulnerable to performance issues and increased downtime. The good news is updating to the latest version of XDR Imaging provides your practice with robust clinical tools and helps maximize your practice’s up-time and productivity.

Here are just a few of the newest XDR Imaging Software capabilities:

  • MYSQL Database infrastructure offers greater stability over our legacy database.
  • Concurrent Licensing allows you to install XDR on all your computers: your license count manages how many people can use XDR at the same time.
  • Configurable Sharpening allows you to have complete control over sharpening with three customizable image treatments.
  • Enhancements and refinements to image quality to give you even greater diagnostic capability with our Perio and Carries/Endo filters.
  • Tooth Numbering and Exam Searching allows you to assign tooth numbers to layout tiles and search by tooth number or even search all radiographs taken on any given day.

You know how critical it is to ensure your software is up-to-date and performing at the levels you, your staff and your patients expect and deserve. Please take advantage of XDR Imaging Software’s newest functionality and schedule your free software update with them today.

Please call today at (888) 937-9729 M-F 6:30AM to 6:00PM PST to schedule your update.